<transcy>THE GENEROUS VANILLA.</transcy>

Enjoy our excellent Bourbon Vanilla, give meaning to your purchase by supporting the vulnerable populations of Madagascar.

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<transcy>Why buy from us?</transcy>

<transcy>YOU BUY, WE ACT</transcy>

<transcy>The best Bourbon Vanilla for your preparations.</transcy>

Our long fragrant pods will do wonders in your recipes.

Indeed, when the pods are of good quality, the aromas are so intense that a small quantity is sufficient for each preparation.


<transcy>A model with a strong social impact.</transcy>

-Frutta Nera offers a short supply chain, without intermediaries.

This model "Direct-to-consumer" allows us to ensure responsible sourcing thanks to the proximity that we maintain with our producers.

<transcy>Transparency at the heart of our projects.</transcy>

-Follow the progress of our projects and the implementation of our actions through the series of videos that we will publish.

-Discover the production chain of our Madagascar Vanilla and the way our activities work thanks to our regular posts.